JCBL 2019 Legislative Priorities

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The Jefferson County Business Lobby advocates as the unified voice of 3,000 Jefferson County businesses for public policies that strengthen our business climate.

JCBL is a partnership comprised of the Arvada, Evergreen, Golden, West, Westminster and Wheat Ridge Chambers of Commerce, the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation and the Applewood and Wheat Ridge Business Associations.

The JCBL takes positions and lobbies on bills of major impact to JeffCo businesses. You can find our complete list of Legislative Principles on the following pages. But for the 2019 session of the Colorado General Assembly, the JCBL will focus our attention and resources advocating for the following critical needs of JeffCo businesses.

Increased Transportation Funding

  • Despite a $9 billion backlog of road projects statewide, voters in 2018 soundly defeated two ballot questions seeking more funding for roads. With the issue back in the hands of the Colorado legislature, the JCBL will continue to encourage the legislature to prioritize transportation needs in the existing budget in addition to finding new sources of revenue.

Changes to the Gallagher Amendment

  • Approved by the voters in 1982, the “Gallagher Amendment” to the Colorado Constitution has resulted in some of the nation’s most punitive Business Personal Property Taxes. A legislative summer interim committee recommended a number of proposed changes that the JCBL is reviewing.

Sales Tax Simplification

  • The JCBL has been supporting an incremental and bipartisan approach to addressing Colorado’s complex and burdensome state and local sales tax collection system. A recent emergency rule proposed by the Colorado Department of Revenue to change sourcing rules for sales taxes has made this already difficult issue even more urgent.

Mitigating the Impact of Employer Mandates

  • The JCBL anticipates seeing more mandates and liability imposed on employers in 2019. In situations in which defeating new mandates will not be possible, we will work to ensure businesses can comply with minimal cost and disruption.