JCBL 2017 Legislative Priorities

Fostering a Strong, Competitive Business Climate

The JCBL will advocate for:

  1. Creating new, and defending existing, tax incentives for economic development and urban renewal in Jefferson County, including the jobs tax credit, tax increment financing and other important tools.
  2. Regulatory reform to reduce unnecessary, redundant, inefficient or costly regulatory burdens and create a more predictable business climate.
  3. Educational outreach by regulators, rather than an over-reliance on penalties, for first-time violations of new or existing rules.
  4. A more robust cost-benefit approach to all new regulations and opposition to unreasonable or costly new regulatory mandates.
  5. A balanced litigation environment where business owners don’t live under continual threat of meritless lawsuits from employees or plaintiffs looking to force a quick settlement.
  6. Maintaining the current stability of the employer-employee relationship in labor law.
  7. Legislation that ensures a competitive, viable, affordable and accessible health care system and opposition to mandates or other legislation that creates additional expense and burden on employers and employees who pay for that system.
  8. Pro-energy development policies for both traditional and non-traditional resources.